Biyernes, Agosto 5, 2011

Banapple Delight

When it comes to sweets, cake would be my weakest point. Banapple has this "Banoffee Pie" which I think is one of the most craziest cakes I've had. When  you think it's just a banana with a chocolate truffles on top, well I reckon you're wrong. I think it's a lil' bit of heaven here on earth.

"I admit, we’re hooked to their banoffee pie! It’s a great dessert, which is quite light and easy on the pocket. This chocolate drizzled, banana, caramel, coffee and cream pie was such a treat. Now, when ever my husband has the time, I make sure that he passes by Banapple just to get me a slice or two. The Dark Chocolate Tiramisu also deserves praises. It wasn’t too sweet or too bitter."